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Hey there, a big heartful welcome to the Soft Review, a technology and software review blog. We are happy to see you are loving us!

The blog was established at 9th December, 2021 with a huge expectation to provide users the best guide on the internet. Technology is undoubtedly the most saturated niche in the market. We are still capable of providing such kinds of user guides which you can not get on any blog what so ever.

The main thing we focus is the simplicity of writing to make yourself comfortable of what we are actually write. Everything is this website is written after use and in detail. So, if you are a techy guy and love to read latest technologies and software reviews and comparison, then this blog is for you mate !

Meet the owner

owner of soft review

Meet Chandra Shekhar Chattopadhyay, known as Mr Shekhar, a mechanical engineer by academic degree. But he loves to deal with new software and tech related ideas. He found this blog to help all techy people around the World. Do not forget to follow him on Instagram & Twitter.